Royal Court Announcement 2024 – The Royal Court 2024

For over 50 years Dunbar has elected an annual Civic Queen, with the inaugural ‘Carnival’ Queen crowned in 1970. The role of Carnival Queen has evolved over the years into what is now the Civic Queen and Royal Court. To select the Civic Queen and Royal Court, all names of primary 2 and primary 7 year groups in Dunbar are invited to be put into a draw at the primary school.

The Royal Court for 2024 are:

Front line left to right: Zuzanna Kabat, Niko Nowak, Tom Calder, Maeve Wanless.

Back line left to right: Emily Alexander, Josie Craig (Queen), Arley Cowel-Smith, Aizah Anmed.

  • Civic Queen: Makayla Blyth
  • Queen’s Consort: Cameron Beckett
  • Queen’s attendants  Alaska Allan and Ellen Buchanan
  • Flower girls: Rosie Lindsay and Lillie Gullan
  • Page boys: Max Morrison and Giosue Cassino