Dunbar Civic Week

Dunbar Civic Week was established in 1970 to mark the 600th anniversary of the granting by King David II, King of Scots, of the Royal Charter creating the Burgh of Dunbar.

Civic Week is a celebration of our wonderful, growing community and an entertaining programme of events is put on by various community groups. These events reflect and celebrate the richness of our community life – its history, culture and people – and provide opportunities for people to come together and have some fun.

The Royal Charter was granted to Dunbar by King David the Second (Son of Robert the Bruce) in 1370. This came about because Berwick on Tweed was then in English hands and the lucrative revenues from the export of border wool was lost to the Scottish crown. The granting of a Royal Charter to Dunbar meant that this trade could now go via Dunbar and the port of Belhaven and revenues revert to Scotland. The 600th anniversary was celebrated in grand style in 1970 with the very first Dunbar Civic Week, and Civic Week has continued annually ever since.

Legal Issues: please note that the Dunbar Civic Week Committee are responsible only for those events which we organise directly, namely: the Civic Parade, the Crowning Ceremony, the Fun Day, the Civic Week Quiz, and the Harbour service. The other events in this programme are organised by their own local clubs and groups, who are in turn responsible for their own health and safety issues, public liability cover, risk assessments and the like.

Civic Week Committee 2024:
Sanchita Patjoshi (Chair), Rebecca Knipe, Gayle Bell, Bev Anderson and Joanne Buchanan

The Civic Week Committee helps promote events and activities on behalf of community groups and organisations. We are always looking for your ideas so get in touch and get involved.