Dunbar Civic Week 2021

Once again, the Covid rules will not allow mass gatherings, so we will have to be creative and inventive to celebrate our community and mark our Civic Week 2021 as something special, all the more so as 2021 represents 50 years since the very first Civic Week in 1971.

Battling Bertie

Dunbar Civic Week will run from Saturday 12th June until Saturday 19th June.

We have chosen as this year’s theme “The Spirit of Dunbar”. This means we have plenty of scope to be creative and mark out what makes Dunbar special. We aim to have a competition for:

  • The Best Dressed Scarecrow
  • The Best Dressed House
  • The Best Dressed Window

There will be cash prizes for each of these, with £100 for the winner in each category, £50 for second, and £25 for third. These will be in the form of vouchers which can be redeemed at the Dunbar business of your choice.
In addition, there will be a “treasure hunt” aimed at the youngsters of Dunbar, who will have to seek out and identify particular items in the windows of High Street shops, more details will follow later.
So, there is much to look forward to, and much fun to be had, so do join in and take part. Look for more details on our Facebook page @DunbarCivicWeek and our website:

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